Social distancing: what you need to do

To stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19),

you should avoid close contact with anyone you do not live with.

Use face mask

Ensure the mask is clean and dry and avoid touching your face

Avoid handshakes

Avoid personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands

Wash your hands

Always wash your hands with water and apply soap

Let’s Beat Covid-19

Canada Government has implemented a very high standard to avoid the spread of the virus within the country, you can check all the measures set by the government and we encourage people to follow the instructions

Current situation


Travel and immigration

Your health

Financial and economic support

Limiting the spread

Digital government response to COVID-19

Digital tools to help Canadians access services and get information on COVID-19.

COVID Alert app

Canada COVID-19 App and Self-Assessment


Mental health and substance use support

Web-based self-assessment tool

Open call initiative

and more...

Latest covid news

We will get you updated news of covid-19 in Canada



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