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Petition e-3899

Petition to the Government of Canada


The Yemeni Canadian Club would like to ask for your support as this is a humanitarian cause for the people of Yemen.

This is to inform you that that we have initiated petition (e-3899) couple weeks ago and the proposed petition has been sent to a Member of Parliament to authorize its publication and we thank one of the members of Parliament Iqra Khalid who accepted the request and has authorized petition e-3899 to be published on the petitions website in the House of Commons and now finally the petition e-3899 has been published and is open for signatures.

We need your support by signing the petition to accept Yemeni citizens as refugees by applying the same support granted to Ukrainians, Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis which is a world example of compassion and humanity.

We had also initiated the same petition in 2019 (e-2261) and in 2020 (e-2442) but unfortunately were closed as the there was an election time.

This is our third attempt and we will never give up on our Yemeni brothers and sisters.

We only have 2 months and the signatures will be closed for review on May 14th 2022.

Let’s be the cause to change their Miserable lives!

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Yemen Crisis

Read more about Yemen Crisis and see why this petition is important to protect Yemeni’s Lives.

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