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Join the Force of Local Community

Do you have skills? do you like to make people happy? do you want to be part of change makers?

We help everyone
Our community is for all, so we support alot of people to achieve their goals
We teach our kids
Due to current covid-19 pandamic, we increase our effort to teach our kids through online platforms
Tech Support
Do you have tech skills? we need volunteers with this skills to improve our infrastructures
Volunteer FAQ

Have a question? check these answers.

Here we will address all Volunteers FAQ's

Every task has a deadline and we will set that togther but you can join other tasks if you would like to do so

Sorry, this volunteering is only for people inside Canada

Yes, all Yemeni Canadian Club Volunteers will received a certificate of participation as part of their tasks accomplish with the club

YC Club Volunteers

Join The Force of Change

Do you have the passion to support other? does it make you hapy? Then join us now..

Volunteer Team

Meet our volunteers & Make the change.

You might be one of them one day

Creating a sustain and happiness community environment is our priority

We have standards to be a leading community in Canada and to grow even bigger

Join a friendly community
We are a friendly team that make your work with us very smoothly
Learn new skills
We at YC Club support each other to develop our team skills
Khaled Hizam
Khaled is one of our Yemeni Volunteers and he is handling our website designing and development.
Volunteer Updates

Read our volunteers updates

We will put all updates related to volunteers in this section

Support power

Showcase works

See one of our community events done with a support of our volunteers

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Join us

Join our community and be one of the change maker toward better club in Canada

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