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Established in 2013

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Sustain and Cooperative Yemeni Society in Canada

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We want to make a Sustain and Cooperative Yemeni Society in Canada The Yemen Canadian Club (YCClub) is a not for profit organization and is non-political and non-sectarian.
The YCC is proud to be a focal point for all Yemenis and who cares about Yemen in which they can find an outlet for settlement and social services inquiries.
We serve newcomers of all cultures, religions and ethnicity. we also contribute on helping Yemenis to positively integrate into the Canadian society and introduce Yemeni culture and heritage to Canadian society and to all lovers of Yemen in Canada.

Proud Team

We are proud to have more than 150 Yemeni members all over Canadian Provinces and we are still growing

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YC Club Members


Canadian Provinces
Established in 2013

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The club started as an idea in 2013 in Toronto between a group of Yemeni men and women who are in Canada, and the idea developed.


establishment of Yemeni communities in the city of Calgary and Vancouver in addition to the unification of entities, communities and multiple in the Greater Tronto region


The club started guiding the new Yemeni Comers and supporting them with information


Present the Yemen Crisis case to various Canadian Organizations and raise a petition to the Canadian Parliament to support the humanitarian situation for Yemen & Yemeni's


The club received an official recognition from the Canadian government as a charitable organization


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Adil Al-Serri

Founder, President, Ontario Representative and Chair of the Board of Directors

Mohamed Humaidan

Alberta Representative

Anas Al-Ademi

Vice President, Manitoba Representative and Board of Director

Mohamed Al Fotaihi

Quebec Representative

Budoor Al-Raimi

Director of Women Sector and Board of Director

Bushra Al-Sanani

Yemen nonprofits Representative

Ibrahim Al-Serri

Board of Director

Ahmed Al-Taifi

Yemeni Public Relations